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And under construction;;;

It'd be nice if someone can make the new icon, or give me a high res image of Xehanort so I can make it myself.

The gallery is now empty for you guys to refill with your existing deviations, so there won't be any multiple, separate submissions of the same artwork here on DA (a pet peeve of mine;;; )

For those of you wondering about my old comics, it would be going against my own wishes to resubmit those things. It's nice that people said they liked em, but fact is, I don't anymore. They started feeling like a chore, and I cared more about making others happy instead of making something I could be proud of (it's not the same thing, and in this case it definitely wasn't) .-.

It's late now; maybe this place will be up and running tomorrow.


I'm still messing with all the options around here;;;
I'm pretty sure anyone can request to become a Member or Contributor now :dummy:
Also, thanks :iconlivxlivesxlife: for the icon : D

-xochibi, hurr

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